Friday, March 13, 2009

Week 2 Reflection

This week i have been struggling to find ideas of work i would like to do or even themes to work with when i come back. During that very long presentation an idea popped into my head about working with the theme of ones self in the world. This theme intrigues me because it lets me think about other people as well as myself and about me seeingmyself in our world or even universe. With such a broad topic i will have a lot to do and won't run out of ideas.

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  1. you might be sick of me reminding you of the flag portraits you did last year, BUT...your writing here reminds me of them. isn't this what has interested you over and over again? how do we fit in the world? with each other? you've used music, flags, etc. to talk about this in past work. why not try starting there for now?