Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Alternative Exhibition Format Responce

For my work i have toggled with the ideas of focusing on ones identity on a larger scale not just how you see yourself but also how other people see you and your place in the universe, and the ideas of freedom whether it be with from your parents because your going to college or liek an animal roaming the world being free. I am not sure yet how i am going to approach these topics with like how i am going to choose to convey them i do want do some drawing and mable some oil painting if i feel really motivated. I deffinatley want to do some larger pices and them maybe a series of smaller ones that put together might make a regular size peice. Im still in the thikning process for that.

Cai Guo-Quiang's piece had a really interesting format to it. I feel that it attracted people too it because it was one a very large piece and the fact that he had the stream of animals going into a glass walll. It made peoel think about what he was realli trying to get at and get peopel to see with this piece. What makes this piece stand out to me is that he doesnt just draw and paint the animals he gets real stuffed ani mals and then makes this whole modle like peice that is really large in size and stands out compared to other wall art.

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