Friday, May 1, 2009

Field Trip

I thikn the field trip was realli interesting. The shows were pretty diverse depending on the galleries. One exhibit i found realli interesting was the one with the artist that used a program on the computer to digitally remove the poist of signs. It made it so that we only see the top of the sign as if it was floating

Friday, April 24, 2009

Galery Project

For My final project I would be making a stencil of a design and then spray painting it with various color combinations. I would be adding other parts to the pieces in the background or words and all of them would be one piece i am not sure on how many pieces i will be putting gin the show I wanted to have maybe like 5. 1 of the original drawing 2 of rough drafts and 2 final copies and then maybe a side project with Roland. Still in talks.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


How do you decide what pieces to put in your gallery, is it what you like, what you think others will like, or soemthing that sticks out among others?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Boston Art Scene

These changes might affect the boston art world because with these well establshed galleries leaving and new ones coming in it might gives chances for new kinds of art and artist that might be more risky to be in a gallery and get exposure. ALthough it might help others there have been bad affects of it too. a dozen arti galleries did close because they werent able to pay for renting the expensive spaces they were in and now they have to go soemwhere else or close for good.

I myself havnt been to a lot of galleries but am looking forward to my trip on thursdayy.

Monday, April 6, 2009


I think that critique is very important in the art making process. I know that ithelps me alot because seeing what other peopel think about my piece and getting their suggestions is very important for me. I go realli slow and got bogged down on little things and details and it prohibits me from think on a largger scale and at the whole picture. I think that it helps the people get re aquainted with their goals so they dont lose focus

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Alternative Exhibition Format Responce

For my work i have toggled with the ideas of focusing on ones identity on a larger scale not just how you see yourself but also how other people see you and your place in the universe, and the ideas of freedom whether it be with from your parents because your going to college or liek an animal roaming the world being free. I am not sure yet how i am going to approach these topics with like how i am going to choose to convey them i do want do some drawing and mable some oil painting if i feel really motivated. I deffinatley want to do some larger pices and them maybe a series of smaller ones that put together might make a regular size peice. Im still in the thikning process for that.

Cai Guo-Quiang's piece had a really interesting format to it. I feel that it attracted people too it because it was one a very large piece and the fact that he had the stream of animals going into a glass walll. It made peoel think about what he was realli trying to get at and get peopel to see with this piece. What makes this piece stand out to me is that he doesnt just draw and paint the animals he gets real stuffed ani mals and then makes this whole modle like peice that is really large in size and stands out compared to other wall art.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Week 2 Reflection

This week i have been struggling to find ideas of work i would like to do or even themes to work with when i come back. During that very long presentation an idea popped into my head about working with the theme of ones self in the world. This theme intrigues me because it lets me think about other people as well as myself and about me seeingmyself in our world or even universe. With such a broad topic i will have a lot to do and won't run out of ideas.

Art and Fear

"Even at best talent remains a constant, and those who rely upon that gift alone, without developing further, peak quickly and soon fade to obscurity."

I feel this quick is very true because if one isn't always sharpening and tweaking their skills as an artist they don't progress and don't get better and they soon lose their talent

"Given a small kernel of reality and any measure of optimism, nebulous expectation whisper to you that the work will soar, that it will become easy, that it will make itself. And verily, now and then the sky opens and the work does make itself."

I think that this is all inspired by hard work and a good idea that you run with. This also come about with no judging of your own work and taking risks when working. With all these you can't fail when making a piece of art.

"If you think good work is somehow synonymous with perfect work, you are headed for big trouble. Art is human; error is human; ergo, art is error. Inevitably, your work will be flawed."

I believe this to be true and that we as people can't help but to make mistakes when doing art or anything at that. I think for myself i get bogged down on details and i don't just look at the big picture. I try and make everything perfect which inherently won't happen or work.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


What is scratching according to Twyla Tharp and how does she suggest we do it?
Scratching is the act of gathering ideas from every day actions like walking having a conversation or doing a project in class or anything. This is just like gathering ideas from anything around you At a certain point in time. The point of it is to do it with no judgement and no restrictions because judging could lead to not taking any risks and being worried about making something that you don't like.

Knowing how you work in the studio, what methods, techniques, or tricks can you see yourself using from Ms. Tharp's suggestions?I could definitely see myself taking pictures of things that inspire me so i don't forget it for later. What also might help is gathering ideas from the music that I listen to and use it to convey ideas and how i see it in my head.

She's talking about dance. What would scratching look like in the studio?
It might be noticing every day actions of people that are walking or working or just noticing things that inspire you to make up dance steps that look good.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Artist Studios

What types of things do you see in more that one artist's space?
In most of the artist spaces i can see that you can deffinatley see what kind of art they do or their personality they have through their space. One of the artist had paintings everywhere with paint on the floor wallls and ceiling and pieces of art all over the place and you can see they are a sporadic person that is messy and is wild. and then their was anpther artist that had everything organized and orderly and nothing on the floor and all white wallls and no clutter or any space.
Why do you think these things appear in so many different artists' studios?
I feel that ones space is a reflection on their personality and how they work and that it is an easy way to see what kind of style they are

Artist at Work: Work spaces and processes

How do artists develop spaces and methods for making their most authentic work as part of a daily artistic practice?

The artist create an enviorment that is comfortable for them so they are able to do gather ideas and work efficiently to a style they like. Every artist liek something different and being able to make a space of yours that goes along with what you liek and accomodates your individual needs will only help the authenticity or their art.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009