Thursday, March 12, 2009


What is scratching according to Twyla Tharp and how does she suggest we do it?
Scratching is the act of gathering ideas from every day actions like walking having a conversation or doing a project in class or anything. This is just like gathering ideas from anything around you At a certain point in time. The point of it is to do it with no judgement and no restrictions because judging could lead to not taking any risks and being worried about making something that you don't like.

Knowing how you work in the studio, what methods, techniques, or tricks can you see yourself using from Ms. Tharp's suggestions?I could definitely see myself taking pictures of things that inspire me so i don't forget it for later. What also might help is gathering ideas from the music that I listen to and use it to convey ideas and how i see it in my head.

She's talking about dance. What would scratching look like in the studio?
It might be noticing every day actions of people that are walking or working or just noticing things that inspire you to make up dance steps that look good.

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